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Ham Radio Shop
Injection moulded components for Ham radio Projects
Car Badges Shop
OEM quality chrome plated vehicle badges
Shutter Badges Shop
Bottom rail nameplates for roller shutters and more.
Promotional Product
Products that help promote your business
Club Membership
Club membership for golf clubs and society as well as riding fishing clubs etc. Golf Products Data Discs and other bag tags as well as annual Member label Stickers for membership confirmation
Custom Products
Entry page for individually quoted orders to facilitate online payment.
DUR-ABLE Digital nameplates
An off the shelf range of durable rigid moulded blanks custom printed to your requirements helping reduce the cost for your nameplates and signs produced by digital print onto an External Grade UV resistant ASA plastic.
Personnel  name badges
Digitally printed in full colour with individual names and titles and if required photo supplied with a choice of fastener.