Lightweight Mast Guy Ring …strength without weight

A Lightweight Guy Ring injection Moulded in Glass filled Nylon for strength and lightness.
Radiused edges to hole rims and an oversized rolled edge on the outer diameter to minimize rope wear.
The mast hole can be opened out to approx 30mm diameter.

Dimensions  (approx)
Outside Diameter 61.5mm
Mast hole diameter 20mm
Guy Rope hole diameter 5.8mm
Weight 14.2grammes

Costs including delivery and packing UK only
2 rings £7.00 plus VAT
5 rings £10.00 plus VAT
10 rings £15.00 plus VAT
25 rings £25.00 plus VAT

Quantity :


Here is a user video testing the ring  ( do not try this at home 🙂 )
Video courtesy of G1YBB

Testing the ultralight guy ring and 550lb paracord.
I am a good 170lbs, probably more with boots and big coat on. The rucksack is full of 2litre bottles of water, probably a good 30lbs more easy. So about 200lbs bouncing weight on the guy ring.